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The Forge Fitness Studio
1459 Baseline St.
Cornelius, OR 97113

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The 4 Modalities of Fitness


There’s many different ways to workout, but what's the most effective?  Steady State Cardio (SPIN) is great for limiting stress put on the body,  High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been shown to burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time, strength training (LIFT) is great for building, toning and revealing muscle definition, and stretching (YOGA) is great for mobility and much more!  The reason there’s so much debate about which form of exercise yields the best results is because they’re all great in their own regard.  So why limit yourself to just one form?  Forge your best body possible by COMBINING the main proven modalities for weight loss, muscle gain, endurance, functionality, and flexibility!

The Classes

Our innovative total body SPIN class is not your conventional spin class!!  Combining moves for your entire body with our pulse pounding sound system, LED party lights, and ever changing playlists it's a party on a bike!! 
You want results? Then you want High-Intensity Interval Training!  Our HIIT class is a total body functional movement style kick in the butt.  Utilizing battle ropes, slam balls, dumbbells, plyo boxes, kettlebells, sandbags, and much more as well as week'y programming released every Sunday it's the total package!
Our signature strength class, LIFT focuses on compound functional movements at a slower pace.  Divided up into lower body and upper body workouts, exercises are repeated for 6 week cycles and weights are tracked to work on correct form and progression!
A well-rounded workout routine is about balance.  Being fit isn't just about your strength and endurance but about your flexibility and ability to stay injury free.  Our Yoga classes focus on postural alignment, breath awareness, flexibility, calmness, and balance!  It's the perfect pairing to get and KEEP you moving!
The core is typically the weakest part of the average person.  It's also what contributes most to lower back pain and postural issues.  This 30 minute class is designed to improve strength and stabilization in the entire core: the abs, obliques, hip flexors/extensors, and spinal erectors.
Whether it's our HIIT + LIFT or our SPIN + HIIT, or any of our other combos we offer, these classes combine the best elements of each format into one killer workout! 
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Not just a gym!

The Forge Fitness Studio is not a gym.  We are a private small group training studio.  What does this mean for you?  It means no more waiting for machines or equipment, no more feeling like you're on display for other gym-goers to watch while you workout, no more trying to figure out what exercises to do that day and then wondering if you're doing them correctly!   We take the anxiety and guesswork out of your fitness.  Just show up, sweat, and get on with your day!  Our highly qualified and educated instructors will have a balanced, challenging, and never-repeated workout waiting for you when you walk through that door and are always happy to provide guidance and modifications whenever needed. 

Don't take our word for it, see why we've been voted 4x Best Gym in the Area and 2x Business of the Year...


Mike H.

"After 35+ years of solo workouts, this was a distinct change for me in trying a group-based setting. I've found that it's motivating and challenging to work out with others that are focused on their individual efforts. There's not really competition, but more like the support/camaraderie of others that are suffering just like I am. :) And the results are clear - if you are consistent in your effort, the various programs available here work."

Medicine Ball Workout

Leanne B.

I love this place. The workouts are fun and works for all levels. I love that it changes each time I go. Everyone is so supportive. I've never enjoyed working out this much before in my life!

Stretching Fitness

Bethany A.

I find myself at a loss on where to start with how the Forge Fitness Studio has bettered my life. What I found was a welcoming group of people that I feel instantly become my friends. The environment makes me feel comfortable, supported, motivated, and excited to keep coming back. I also love that with the heart rate monitors my husband and I can motivate each other through a little friendly competition! :) We are so thankful for our Forge family!

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