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Selecting a Class

Understanding the Schedule

We offer 4 main class types.  Spin, Lift (strength training), HIIT, and Yoga.  Class descriptions can be found on our "Home" page.  All classes can be modified to any fitness level but if you are new to exercise we do recommend trying one of our other 3 classes before signing up for our HIIT class. 

Reserving Your Spot

To view our schedule on your computer click HERE.  If you're on our mobile app, go to our studio page (The Forge) and click "View Schedule".  Once you've found the class you want to try click "Book" to confirm your spot.  If you decide you do not want to attend this class or can't make it please cancel by going to your "Profile" tab, finding the upcoming class, and clicking the "Cancel" button. 


Create a Free Account

To create your free account with us Click HERE and then click "Sign Up" in the top right corner of the screen.

Once your free account has been created, check your email to verify your account. After verifying, check out our PACKAGES page to find a pricing option that best fits you and redeem your !

If you're on a mobile device, click HERE to download our free App for a smoother and easier experience!


Arriving at the Studio

Arrive Early

Arrive 10 minutes prior to class on your first day in order to sign our waiver, explain any injuries or limitations you may have, and ask any questions.  NOTE - For your safety and ours, arriving late to your first class may result in not being able to participate!  For questions about the facility, parking, what to bring, and cancellation policy please view our FAQ page.

Watch the Explanation

After our initial warm-up your instructor will demonstrate each exercise being performed that day as well as explain the formatting.  Please give them your undivided attention so that once the workout starts you can focus your energy into making the most of your time in the studio!


The Workout

Class Format

Your class will begin with a dynamic warm-up proceeded by the explanation and demonstration of exercises being performed that day.  After the explanation you will begin the workout itself.  We utilize multiple styles of workouts here, some interval based, some pacer based, and much more (your workout style that day will be explained to you during the demonstration).  No matter the workout style we always allow and recommend rest breaks when needed and going at YOUR pace!


It Gets Easier

Ask anyone in the studio, you may feel a little lost your first few classes and that's perfectly fine.  It takes at least 3 times in each style of class before you start to grasp the format and get the most out of your workout.  Stick with it! 

Need Help or Have Additional Questions?

Check out our FAQ page or simply reach out to us via email at

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