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At The Forge we believe in community!  Our members are not just numbers on a spreadsheet but they’re friends with aspirations and goals.  Our job is to help them accomplish those goals.  To do this we take a three-tiered approach.


EDUCATION  We take intense care when selecting our instructors.  Each one is chosen because of their personality and care towards our clients as well as their knowledge base founded on years of experience, college degrees, and NCAA-accredited extended education.  This extensive education allows them to provide accurate, fact-based direction and guidance to yield results while minimizing injury risk.  It doesn’t stop there though, where most gyms or trainers simply tell you what to do and leave it at that, our goal is to educate the community as to the "why" behind everything we do.  We hold weekend workshops, free to our members and community alike, focusing on a wide range of topics from current nutrition trends to proper form correction!

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