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All Your Questions Answered

    I'M JUST STARTING AN EXERCISE ROUTINE, WILL I BE ABLE TO COMPLETE A CLASS? WHAT IF I CAN'T DO SOMETHING? ​ Our fitness classes are designed for all levels and you're encouraged to take breaks whenever you need them! Can't perform a move? No problem. Our educated instructors will always have a regression and progression to make any movement easier or harder depending on your abilities. WHAT'S YOUR CLASS FORMAT? Our classes always begin with a dynamic warm-up and end with cool-down stretches. The middle of the class will depend on what class you attend. Our HIIT classes will always contain an explanation/demonstration directly after the warm-up while our other classes are led by the instructor in real-time throughout the class so you will recieve instruction as you go.
    WHAT IS SPIN CLASS? Spin class is our revolutionary total body workout done entirely on stationary bikes. Your instructor will lead you through a variety of exercises on the bike from sprints and climbs, to tap backs and ride or dies, and many more that incorporate your entire body. Many of the exercises will be coordinated with our party LED light system and sound system making the it seem more like a rave sometimes than an actual workout class. There is also an upper body free weight portion incorporated into each spin class. WHAT IS LIFT CLASS? Lift class is our strength training class that slows the pace down and focuses on compound movements for specific muscles groups. We encourage heavier weights than what you would use in a HIIT class and divide Lift classes up into a Lower Body class and an Upper Body class. Lift class typically will have 5 stations each with 1 or 2 exercises that you will focus on for 7 minutes before moving to the next station. Lift programming runs on a 6-8 week loop where we spend all 6-8 weeks focusing on the same movements and getting stronger and more comfortable at them before changing all the exercises. WHAT IS HIIT CLASS? HIIT class is our High Intesity Interval Training class and probably our most rigorous. We use a huge range of equipment in this class including dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, sandbells, bikes, rowers, TRX straps, Bosu's, Plyo boxes, slam balls, battle ropes, and much more!! Our HIIT class will have a set programming each week that will be released on Sunday's via our social media accounts and changes every week. WHAT IS YOGA CLASS? Our Yoga class consists of a few different styles of yoga each putting emphasis on relaxation, blood flow, breath, stretching, postural alignment, and more! It's our slowest class and typically a great place to start if you have not been performing any exercise prior to attending our studio. It is also the only class that is a full 60 minutes long. WHY DO SOME PEOPLE CALL CLASSES BY A DIFFERENT NAME? Some of our classes have different styles of the same class such as "Vin + Yin" and "Recharge" being a style of our Yoga classes. This is simply distinguishing the focus of the class. Also, some classes are known by a second name that distinguishes our individual class from another facilities class and is a remnant of previous classes at our facility. For instance, our HIIT class is also known as "CHISEL", our SPIN class is also known as "SHIFT", and our LIFT class is also known as "IRON".
    DO YOU OFFER A FREE CLASS FOR NEW COMERS? We offer a greatly discounted special 2 week package for any first timers: 2 Weeks of Unlimited Classes for $29. It's kind of like trying a new restaurant - you'd pay for the food and service, right? Besides our first timers special deal we do give our existing members guest passes so if you have a friend that is currently a member here they are welcome to bring you in to try a class. Also, we do offer free workouts every month, typically on a weekend or holiday, so make sure to follow us on social media to recieve updates on when these will be. DO I HAVE TO RESERVE A CLASS OR CAN I JUST SHOW UP? We do allow walk-ins but it is a risk because your spot is not guaranteed. We only allow a set number of people in each class to preserve the experience, guidance, and safety so if we happen to be full you may not be able to join in.
    DO YOU HAVE A CANCELLATION POLICY? Yes we do! We are very forgiving with our cancellation policy compared to similar studios but we still have one in place to ensure you are not stuck on a waitlist even though a spot in the class ends up being available. We ask that you cancel class within 3 hours of class so someone else has a chance to call dibs on your spot. If you do not cancel within 3 hours you are subject to losing your class credit or if you're an Unlimited member you may be charged a $5 late cancel penalty or a $7 no-show penalty if you fail to just show up without cancelling. We know unexpected situation come up so to be even more understanding we do typically allow 2 grace late-cancellations each month. HOW DO I CANCEL A CLASS ON THE APP? Login to your app and then click on "Profile" in the bottom right corner of the screen. Once on your Profile screen you should see a list of all the classes you are currently signed up for. Find the class you want to cancel and then swipe left on the class name until a trash can icon appears. Simply click on the trash can to cancel your class.
    HOW WILL I KNOW WHEN I GET OFF THE WAITLIST AND INTO A CLASS? When someone cancels and you move off the waitlist and into the class you should recieve an email that says "A Spot Has Opened Up" in the class. Once you recieve this email you are in! Our app and website waitlist only updates every hour so make sure to go off of the email over what you see on the website or mobile app. You can also sign up for text message alerts by stopping in at the front desk when you are in class next. If you are not receiving our emails please check your spam folder in your inbox or stop in at the front desk to make sure that the "Recieve Email Alerts" box wasn't accidently unchecked when you signed up.
    DO YOU HAVE SHOWERS, LOCKERS ROOMS, ETC.? Unfortunately we do not at this time. We do however have a large bathroom with a changing bench and some other necessities. DO I NEED TO BRING ANYTHING? Simply a little motivation and possibly a water bottle. We have all other equipment, yoga mats, towel service, and water fountain available for your use. If you do have your own yoga mat or spin shoe (our bikes are SPD compatible) you are always welcome to bring those as well! WHAT IS THE PARKING SITUATION? We do have a small parking lot on the east side of our buidling as well as ample street parking in front, past, and on the opposite side of the street as our studio that is rarely full. DO YOU PROVIDE CHILDCARE? Unfortantely no. We do however have benches at the front of the studio which can be seen throughout the workout so you are welcome to bring your child if they are at a point where they can sit still and occupy themselves. I SEE THAT YOU HAVE A HEART RATE SYSTEM, DO I NEED TO BRING MY OWN MONITOR? We do have a state-of-the-art heart rate system that monitors your stats throughout the workout and uploads your results to your app as well as sending you an email summary at the end of each class. Our system works with any newer monitor that supports ANT+ so if you have your own you are welcome to bring it. We do also have FitMetrix internal memory monitors for sale in-studio for just $45. IS THERE AN AGE REQUIREMENT? Yes, we require that you be at least 14 years old to participate in any of our classes. If you are over 14 years old but under 18 we do require you to have a parent or legal guardian to sign the waiver with you on your first day.
    WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR MEMBERSHIPS AND YOUR CLASS PACKS? Our memberships are on a month-to-month renewal basis while our class packs are just like a punch card and are good for a year from their purchase date. IF I PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP AM I LOCKED INTO A CONTRACT? Abosultey not! All our memberships are month-to-month and simply must be cancelled at least 72 hours before your next billing date in order to avoid being charged. WHAT IF A START WITH YOUR BASIC MEMBERSHIP BUT THEN DECIDE I WANT TO ATTEND MORE CLASSES? We know life is unpredictable and we are very flexible. You can upgrade or downgrade your membership status at any point and the change will take place on your next billing cycle. IF I BUY A CLASS PACK CAN I SHARE IT WITH MY FRIENDS? Unfortunately class packs can only be shared with immediate family members. In order to have the class pack linked to their accounts just email us their names. DO YOU GIVE DISCOUNTS? We offer a first responder discount to all law enforcement, firefighters, and paramedics as well as a teacher and student discount. We also offer discounts to all active and past duty military. Additionally, you can add family members to your existing membership for a greatly discounted rate.
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