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Functional, Balanced, high-intensity studio programming at home

Daily programming designed to balance body parts, pinpoint weak areas, and create well-rounded Functional Fitness delivered to your inbox every morning.  You can perform the workouts at home or in the gym. 

Always fresh, never repeated

Each and every workout is different than the last.  We manipulate exercises, rep ranges, formats, tempo, and more to ensure muscle confusion and maximize results.

Frequently Asked Questions


WILL I REALLY RECIEVE A WORKOUT EVERY DAY? We send out workouts Monday-Saturday each week. Each weekday you will recieve BOTH a BUILD routine AND a SHRED routine. On Saturday you will recieve just a SHRED routine. We do this because we believe if you're really pushing yourself during your workouts you need 2 full rest days from hard strength training and at least one rest day from your conditioning workouts. WHAT IS A "BUILD" WORKOUT? Our BUILD workouts are focused on strength training. No matter whether your goals are weight loss, muscle gain, or just general health, strength training is a key aspect that will help you reach those goals as well as build balance, preserve bone mineral density, and decrease your risk of injuries. Because we are focusing on strength training you will see dumbbells being utilized in many workouts. Each day during the week is dedicated to a muscle group, or pair of muscle groups, and expertly formated to created a strong, well-rounded, physique. WHAT IS A "SHRED" WORKOUT? Our SHRED workouts are focused on conditioning. This means we will be focusing on cardiovascular health, core, stability, stamina, and more. These workouts are typically at a faster pace and more intense than our BUILD workouts but utilize lighter weights. SHRED workouts may be all bodyweight, they may include dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, stationary bikes, boxes, or slam balls (we will have substitute exercises if you don't have all the equipment). SHOULD I BE DOING BOTH THE SHRED WORKOUT AND BUILD EACH DAY? In short answer, no! We provide two different workout routines so you can tailor our program to your goals. If your goal is simply to build muscle mass then you'll want to stick to our BUILD workouts. If your goal is more weight loss or cardiovascular health then you'll want our SHRED workouts. If your goals are a blend of muscle gain and weight loss you can alternate "BUILD" and "SHRED" workouts. Remember, no matter what you choose you can still build muscle with our SHRED or lose weight with our BUILD workouts, but overtraining can easily occur if you're doing both workouts each day on a regular basis. ARE THE WORKOUTS REALLY NEW EACH DAY? Yes!! Exact workouts on The Daily Shred are never repeated. We believe muscle confusion is a huge factor in seeing results. Your body needs to never know what you're going to make it do that day and in turn should prepare itself for any demand you put on it. Some days you may have a lot of core work, the next day you may work your arms with heavier weights, the following may be cardio. The exercises involved and the layout of the workouts are always different in order to maintain muscle confusion as well as keep things interesting for you!


PROPER WEEKLY PROGRAMMING There are some awesome workouts you can find by googling "Arm Workouts" or watching a YouTube video. However, to achieve long-term results, create a balanced physique, and prevent weak spots that lead to injuries, you need to make sure that your programming each week is intelligently-designed. Unfortunately, this doesn't come from using a "pick and choose" approach to your workouts. Without going into too much detail, you need to have workouts for all the major muscle groups, you need to have single side exercises to ensure even development, you need to have moves that challenge your balance to improve stabilizer muscles, you need to have exercises that focus on your posture to prevent future back pain, the list goes on and on. We bet you never thought there was that much to think about when designing a program did you? We are here to take care of all this "behind-the-scenes" thinking and simply provide you with an easy "follow along" program that will ensure well-rounded fitness. After all, we are only as strong as our weakest point! OUR COMPREHENSIVE VIDEO DATABASE Our approach at The Daily Shred is education over simple demonstration. Our program comes with access to our video demonstration database, which is a key component to our program. This database includes an instruction video for every exercise you will see in your workouts. The big thing that sets us apart however is that while many "demonstration" videos on other programs are a few seconds long and simply show the movements without much explanation, each of our videos on The Daily Shred averages 3 minutes, in which we not only show you the move that you're performing but break it down, outlining key points to focus on, muscles being worked, and the most common errors made. This ensures that when encountering a new exercise you will be equiped with all the tools you need to pinpoint the muscles we are trying to work and minimize injury risk. THE SOURCE When you perform a workout routine that you find online, often times you really don't know the actual source. More times than not it is simply a celebrity or public figure that really doesn't have the knowledge to accurately create a well-balanced program. Each of our coaches designing workouts for The Daily Shred holds a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Sports Science, has numerous NCCA-Accredited Certifications, and has at least 10 years experience in the fitness industry. This means that when you recieve a workout from The Daily Shred you can be assured that the workout has been created with care and thought by someone who has devoted their life and career towards your health and fitness.


IS IT REALLY JUST $7.99 PER MONTH? Yes, we have no hidden sign-up fees, annual fees or anything like that. Just $7.99 per month for quality, ever-changing programming. IF I SIGN UP AM I LOCKED INTO A CONTRACT? Abosultey not! We are a month-to-month service and can be cancelled at anytime. In order to not be charged you simply must cancel at least 72 hours before your next billing date.