JAN. 2021



Functional, Balanced, high-intensity studio programming at home

Daily programming designed to balance body parts, pinpoint weak areas, and create well-rounded Functional Fitness delivered to your inbox every morning.  You can perform the workouts at home or in the gym. 

Always fresh, never repeated

Each and every workout is different than the last.  We manipulate exercises, rep ranges, formats, tempo, and more to ensure muscle confusion and maximize results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to purchase the G3 Infininty Knee in Canada?

OrtoPed is Leftside Industries' Canadian distributor. Please note that their product information webpage is incorrect. Leftside Industries Inc. is coordinating with OrtoPed to address this issue.

Does the Crossover™ Hybrid Knee require maintenance?

Yes, like all prosthtetic devices, the Crossover™ G3 Infinity Knee consumble parts are subject to wear and should be routinely inspected, especially before participating in high impact activities.

How can I share my personal story and experience?

The Gallery Page is dedicated to our Heroes who Do Not Let Life Define Their Limitations. You can share your story and photos by emailing directly to or posting to our Facebook page. We very much want to read and share your experience!

G3 Infinity Knee micro-adjustments to maximize my performance?

Please refer to Page 5 in the Knee Manual. You can always contact us directly,, if you have questions or concerns that were not adaquately addressed in the manual.

How to purchase the G3 Infinity Knee in the UK and Europe?

Lesftside Industries Inc. currently markets directly to clients. The corporation is in the process of validating CE Certification.