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Katie L.

I've been going to the bootcamp for 8 weeks and I LOVE it! This is the first time in years I've worked out this consistently and it's because the class is fun and Nicole does an amazing job teaching it. She is encouraging and kind, but still pushes and challenges her "bootcampers." The class is small which allows her to help modify exercises for those who need either more or less of a challenge. I can't say enough good things about Forge Fitness!

Amanda L.

I currently train with Mason and trained with him for some time previously before I had to take a break. He is a fantastic trainer, very knowledgeable and really pushes you every single time. He is able to work around an old injury I have, while still pushing me to build strength without risking further injury. I would recommend him 100 times over and never want to have to train with anyone else!

Michelle W.

I have being going to the boot camp for a month now and I absolutely LOVE it! I've never ever worked out this much or this consistently and it's all because of this class and Nicole. Nicole is a amazing teacher and makes the class a lot of fun! She is always switching up the routine so us "boot-campers" never get bored. I absolutely LOVE working out and it's all because of this class! I highly recommend this class to everyone! Love this place and Nicole! They're amazing!!!

Sue H.

I absolutely LOVE Forge Fitness! Have been doing boot camp with Nicole for almost a year now I wouldn't be where I am now in my journey if it wasn't for her. I highly recommend Forge Fitness for anyone's fitness goals!

Yvette P.

My trainer is an absolute professional that makes my personal fitness needs his priority.

Theresa G.

These two are so knowledgeable! The workouts are intense and demanding, but also attainable!!

Amy T.

If you are looking for a change, Forge Fitness is awesome!! We love our 2x weekly workouts.  Professional from beginning to end, our trainer Mason always greets you with a smile! The fun workouts he creates gives you an all over body workout! Love the results!

Bobbi S.

Nicole rocks!! Great class. Just what I needed to get me back in shape!

Sandra F.

I learned so much from Mason in the 5 weeks I was with him.  I saw a big change in my strength and balance, as well as stamina and all around fitness.  He was courteous, friendly, and patient!  He always took the time to explain each exercise and answered any questions I had.  I will gladly recommend!  Mason is an outstanding trainer.

Don E.

The Best around. If you are looking for someone who cares about you and your workout Forge fitness is for you. You aren't thrown on a machine and expected to wear yourself out until you can't hardly move, but you are taken care of in a passionate and sincere way. Mason designs a workout to not only fit your goals but to accommodate any kind of health issues you may be experiencing. Never have I met anyone so professional and sincere about his profession than Forge Fitness. Incredible help, incredible care and incredible results.

Valerie G.

I've been training twice a week with Mason since the end of June. He has pushed me to achieve better than I expected of myself. He's always encouraging, helpful and has a great personality that helps me to want to do better. I feel that it's not just a job to him. He really does want you to succeed and get to a healthier more fit person. He really genuinely cares about his clients and it shows. I'm so thankful for the person that he is... a positive influence in my life. Thanks for being such a great guy and an awesome trainer! YOU ROCK MASON!!

Noelle G.

These trainers know what they are doing!! With so much experience in all kinds of fitness, you will always leave a workout class or a personal training session dripping in sweat!! They are great at working with all kinds activities levels, along with different injuries. Nicole gave me some great stretching ideas, and alternative workouts after an old injury flared up. I highly recommend them!! Also I love that they are right here in Forest Grove!!

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