Nicole and I met our junior year at Oregon State University where we both were studying Exercise and Sports Science.  After graduation, Nicole, a Forest Grove native, moved back and began teaching bootcamp classes in Hillsboro.  I soon moved to the area and started personal training in Forest Grove.  We created Forge Fitness Training at the time, knowing we wanted to grow in the future but not knowing our exact direction yet.  As time went on I expanded into teaching classes while Nicole ventured into the one-on-one world and we slowly expanded into contracting in multiple locations from Forest Grove to Beaverton.  As the years passed, our vision for our company began to become much more clear to us.  Having both had a passion for the health and fitness industry and helping others from a young age and now having had worked in different roles in it, we started realizing the things that we wanted to give our clients and friends but were currently out of our control.  We found one of the biggest things that saddened us was the disconnect between the members and the facility we seemed to see today.  The high level of customer care where your health and goals are put above all else and the sense of being part of a team and family where you come to have fun with your friends WHILE getting your exercise was dying. We missed the community atmosphere where every time you entered your workout place you felt at your second home.  We missed a genuine interest in you and your day being shown by someone behind the desk, your instructor, and your classmates.  We missed knowing our fellow classmates by name, knowing their story, their family, and their goals.  We missed having a place where you often ran into and even planned activities with your classmates outside of the "gym".  We missed seeing the effort put in to provide members with as many tools as possible to help them meet their goals.  And most of all, we missed having people excited to come to class instead of viewing it as a chore.  It was clear, these values and goals were going to shape where we took our business from there on. This is where The Forge was born.  We set out to create a place where professionalism, courtesy, and quality of care meets community, friendship, and fun. The vision is clear, the foundation is laid, and the plans are set.  Now we need your help, the community.  Together, through fun engaging classes, charity events, friendly challenges, and positive attitudes we can help create and sustain a place where these ideas and goals become a reality for us and others still searching for a fitness family to call their own.