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At The Forge one of our main philosophies is making our fitness community like a family.  We want your husband, sister, next door neighbor, or best friend right there working out beside you.  It makes it more enjoyable to share experiences with someone close to you. Because of this we have a very strong referral reward system for our members.  You refer a friend and they sign up for either our unlimited or limited monthly membership and you get their cost paid back to you.  For instance, if they sign up for our normal unlimited price and pay $119 you get $119 dollars back.  If they sign up during a special we run and pay $50 you get $50 in your pocket.  And not in “credit” either.  We will give you $119 in cold hard cash back in your pocket to do with whatever you please.  That’s a free month of unlimited classes for you!  And we don’t have a limit either, refer 12 friends who all sign up for memberships and guess what, you essentially get an entire year free!!

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