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Get 2 Weeks of 

Unlimited Classes

for $29

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Together We Can Do So Much

Why Choose Us?




If you want to be the strongest, fastest, healthiest, best version of you possible it’s not going to come from doing leg presses and bicep curls on machines and finishing with 30 minutes on the stair stepper day after day. It’s going to come from pushing yourself with new movements, new repetition ranges, new muscle group focuses, and new challenges EVERY SINGLE DAY! Pushing outside the comfort zone is where change occurs and that’s OUR business! You won’t find machines in this gym, you’ll find free weights, sandbags, slam balls, battle ropes, tires, boxes, sleds, rowers, bikes, and more. It’s through sweat, hard work, varied classes, new routines every day, and a never-ending variety of exercises that we build not only strength but stability, balance, coordination, stamina, flexibility, bone health, and the foundation to live a healthier and more full life.


With over 8 regularly scheduled varieties of classes, each focusing on a different objective, a 21st century heart rate and workout statistic tracking system, and a paired led light and surround sound system we do our best to keep things fun, new, and motivating. Whether it’s your first exercise routine ever or you’re a seasoned gym junkie our friendly, welcoming environment and modifiable workouts are guaranteed to leave you sweaty and smiling!

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